There's no safer environment for a child to play than in their own backyard. We understand this and pride ourselves on making quality, safe and fun equipment for the kids.

Our residential equipment is made to the same high standards as our commercial equipment. So you can relax in the knowledge that your child is playing on a sturdy and safe product in your own backyard.

Cypress pine and Western Red cedar timber are used in all our models. They are chemical free and naturally resistant to rot and termite attack. This means your child won't be exposed to any nasty chemicals and the timber won't be subject to unwanted pest attack.

At Timberplay we are passionate about play equipment. We all have positive memories from our childhood of a play area we frwequently used, a place where friendships were formed, skills were mastered and where having fun was the main theme. All of the Timberplay range has been designed to help your children create their own experiences and memories.

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