Mini Fort

This kit includes:
Colorbond roof, deck (500mm high), steering wheel, vertical safety rails, fully enclosed rear panel (Optional) & ladder.

Dimensions: 1.6m wide x 1.6m deep x 2.1m high.

All forts have an option to increase the deck height to 1.5m@ $200.00 extra for 1.8m @ $400.00 extra. To make forts more portable an option is to use stirrups in the ground, this then allows the forts to be unbolted.

Picture for illustration purposes only

Kit Price (without fully enclosed rear panel)

Kit Price (with fully enclosed rear panel)

Delivery & Installation - Gold Coast
$ 350.00

Delivery & Installation - Brisbane
$ 450.00

*** We recommend your equipment is stained and we provide a 3 coat Woodman's system of stain that will protect your equipment for years to come.

Staining for the Mini Fort is $450.00.