Fort Deluxe

This kit includes:

Colorbond roof, deck (1.2m high), sandpit boards, safety 'D' handles, telescope, steering wheel, vertical safety rails, climbing net, double swing set, trapeze, ladder & slide.
Picture for illustration purposes only

All forts have an option to increase the deck height to 1.5m@ $200.00 extra for 1.8m @ $400.00 extra. To make forts more portable an option is to use stirrups in the ground, this then allows the forts to be unbolted.

Kit Price
$ 4285.00

Delivery & Installation - Gold Coast
$ 690.00

Delivery & Installation - Brisbane
$ 790.00


*** We recommend your equipment is stained and we provide a 3 coat Woodman's system of stain that will protect your equipment for years to come.

Staining for the Fort Deluxe is $750.00.